Freitag, 30. September 2016

Brief von Patch

Vor kurzem flatterte wieder ein Brief von meinem Freund Patch Adams in meinen Postkasten. Unbändig ist seine Begeisterung für eine "Love Revolution", wie er es nennt. Ein Erlebnis, das er mir in diesem Brief geschildert hat, will ich gerne mit euch teilen, weil es so unendlich berührt und zeigt, welch unermessliche, nachhaltige Kraft Clownen haben kann. Euer Alexander

Patchs Erlebnis:

"I don't know if you know this story. You know, when I go to a hospital I ask for who is suffering the most and last February I did it in Ecuador and they led me to the room of this 5-year old girl Valesca. Her story is that she war raped 2 months before and since that time had not opened her mouth in any way. Not to speak, cry or eat. She was starving to death. The NG-tube you see (on the photo) did not work and the next day they were planing an abdominal operation to make a window into her stomach to feed her. I stayed an hour and I was stunned. She had the saddest face I ever remember (and I've seen many sad ones). In the entire hour I saw NO light in her eyes- no expression. For 20 minutes I just held and stared- stunned, the 2nd 20 minutes she let me hold er hand and the last third I lay on the floor and she fell asleep. Never did I see any life in her face. I thought nothing had happened. I was so fixed on her I didn't see 15-20 staff wacht from the sideline- who were so taken by "what happened" that they canceled the operation. I wondered what they had done for those 2 months? I had to return the next day and spend another hour with her and it was the same- no facial life. We left Ecuador, but contacts kept track of her and two days later she was running up to people, hugging them, and a week later she was home playing, eating and back at school. Below is a photo of her 3 months later- I don't even recognize her." 

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